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In each category there will be awarded following prizes:

GOLD MEDAL for the choir with the highest no. of points from Golden Diploma range

GOLD DIPLOMA 90,00-100,00 points,
SILVER DIPLOMA 80,00-89,99 points,
BRONZE DIPLOMA 65,00-79,99 points.

Participation diploma – below 65,00 points.

Choirs can take part in following categories :

A. Mixed Choirs Adults - singers above 18 years - minimum 20 singers
B. Equal Voices Choirs Adults - Male & Female Choirs - s minimum 15 singers
C. Youth Choirs age 14-19 years - minimum 20 singers
D1. Children Choirs age 10-14 years - minimum 20 singers
D2. Junior Children Choirs age 6-12 years - minimum 20 singers
E. Chamber Choirs (no age limits) - 10-24 singers
X. Non competitive category - take part in gala concert and 2 additional concerts